Install TWRP and Root Android WITHOUT PC (Using Bugjaeger mobile ADB)

In the event that you are searching for an approach to Install TWRP and Root Android WITHOUT PC or Rooted Primary gadget, here is a finished simple manual for help you out. Introducing TWRP or establishing your Android gadget is a serious confounded cycle. What’s more, for the individuals who don’t have a PC or Laptop, it may very well appear to be unattainable. Be that as it may, imagine a scenario where I advise you, you won’t require a PC or Laptop to introduce TWRP or root Android.

Confounded? You ought to be! Android Jungles has brought for you another approach to Install TWRP without PC or Rooted telephone on any android gadget. With this stunning technique, you can likewise root an Android telephone without a PC. By and large, when you are introducing TWRP or establishing Android gadget, you will require orders and for that a PC or Laptop.

Yet, not we all have PCs or PCs. For this reason, a technique for establishing a gadget utilizing an essential established gadget is pervasive. However, it is required that your essential gadget ought to be established. Presently, on the off chance that we don’t have a PC, how would we establish the essential gadget in any case?!

Indeed, stress not. Presently it doesn’t make any difference on the off chance that you don’t have an essential established gadget. regardless of whether your essential gadget utilizing which you will root another gadget isn’t established, you can in any case root the other gadget. Thinking about how? Here comes our saint of the article into the image.

Bugjaeger portable ADB App is one such application that allows you to introduce TWRP Recovery on and Root Android gadget utilizing another Primary gadget. In any case, the essential gadget doesn’t need to be established here. Implying that you can undoubtedly introduce TWRP and root Android without PC and without a Rooted essential gadget.

Basically follow the beneath manual for know how you can introduce TWRP Recovery on Android without PC and without Rooted Primary gadget –

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Introduce TWRP without PC and Without Rooted Primary gadget

Prerequisites –

    • Make sure to Unlock Bootloader on the device you want to install TWRP or root. You can check our guide here to Unlock  Bootloader without Using a PC OR Rooted Android device using the same app.


Note – that you will have to download the TWRP Zip file on the primary device and not on the one you want to install Recovery on.

Install TWRP on Android using Bugjaeger app

    • Download the Bugjaeger app on the Primary device.
  • Enter into Fastboot mode on the device you want to install TWRP. For this, Switch off your device and press Volume down + Power button. You will soon see the Fastboot name on the screen.
  • Take an OTG Cable and connect the two devices. 
  • Enable all the asked permissions on the primary device.
  • Open Bugjaeger app on that device.
  • You will see small icons on a horizontal slider. Choose the last option there. Tap on it.
  • You will see a small round Blue button on the bottom right corner. Tap on it.
  • You will see a warning on the screen. Check the box below and tap on “I Understand“.
  • command-line screen will now open on the primary device. Enter the below command to see if the other device on which you want to install TWRP Recovery has been connected or not.
Fastboot devices
  • You should see a serial number on the screen. This indicates that your other device has been connected to the primary device.
  • Now to flash TWRP Recovery or any other Recovery like  OrangeFox recovery, enter the below command –
Fastboot flash Recovery <Recovery Name>
  • Now tap on the Attachment icon present on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Go to the file where you saved the TWRP Recovery zip file in the internal storage.
  • Now add this Recovery file to the above command. Just make sure to add space after Recovery and then add the Recovery file.

When you enter this order with the Recovery record name, the glimmering cycle will begin. You will be advised once the interaction is done. You would now be able to separate the other gadget from the Primary gadget.

You have effectively introduced TWRP Recovery on the other gadget. You would now be able to keep the essential gadget to the side.

To boot into Recovery Mode on the gadget, you just introduced TWRP on, push down the Volume up and Power button together.

On the off chance that you need to root your Device utilizing Magisk, follow the underneath manual for know how you can root Android without PC and without Rooted Primary gadget –

Root Android Phone WITHOUT PC

Here’s the way you a Root android without PC or established Primary Android gadget.

  • Boot into Recovery Mode on the device, you just installed Recovery on. For this, press down the Volume up and Power button together.
  • The Recovery will now open.
  • Go to Install if you have a TWRP Recovery and locate the MAGISK ZIP FILE you downloaded earlier.
  • Tap on it. Swipe to confirm flash. 

That is it. before long the Magisk compress record will be streaked and your Android gadget will be established!

I trust the article was helpful. Furthermore, I expect that you have all introduced TWRP and established Android gadget without PC or without utilizing Rooted Primary gadget.

On the off chance that you are stuck at any of the above advances, go ahead and ask us in the remark area beneath. We will be happy to take care of you.


What is Bugjaeger Mobile ADB App?

Bugjaeger Mobile ADB is an Android application that allows you to introduce TWRP Recovery and Root Android without PC. It doesn’t need the essential gadget to be attached to root another gadget.

What is Magisk?

Magisk is quite possibly the most well known Android Rooting applications like SuperSu and KingRoot. The lone contrast here is that Magisk is greatly improved and advantageous than the other two since it establishes your Android gadget in a systemless manner. It allows you to conceal the base of your gadget from different banking and financial applications and furthermore games.

TWRP i.e., Team Win Recovery Project is a custom Recovery for Android gadgets that allows you to alter your Android gadget and root it utilizing Magisk or SuperSu.

Why introduce TWRP Recovery on Android?

On the off chance that you need to find out about the benefits of introducing TWRP Recovery on Android, Here is a finished guide on TWRP Recovery on Android gadgets

What are the highlights of the Bugjaeger Mobile ADB application?

  • running custom shell scripts on the target device
  • distant intuitive shell
  • perusing, separating and trading gadget logs (logcat)
  • pull APK records
  • making and reestablishing reinforcements, investigating and extricating the substance of reinforcement records
  • catching screen captures
  • performing different orders for controlling your gadget (rebooting, going to bootloader, pivoting screen, executing running applications, … )
  • uninstalling and introducing bundles, checking different insights regarding introduced applications
  • replicating applications between telephones
  • observing the cycles, showing extra data identified with measures, slaughtering measures
  • showing different insights regarding Android version(e.g., SDK form, Android ID,..), Linux part, CPU, abi, show
  • showing battery subtleties (like e.g., temperature, wellbeing, innovation, voltage,..)
  • record the board – pushing and pulling documents from a gadget, perusing the record framework
  • search and association with Android gadgets on your organization that designed and to tune in on port 5555
  • perusing bootloader factors and data through fastboot convention (for example dump some hw data, security state, or if the gadget has altered)
  • executive fastboot orders

Happy Androiding:-)

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